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Trade balance hits US$ 3.7 billion surplus in Augus

Soybean exports were a major driver, pulling in US$ 3.2 million
published: Sep 04, 2018 06:38 PM last modified: Sep 04, 2018 06:38 PM
Arquivo/Agência Brasil

The Brazilian trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 3.7 billion in August after US$ 22.5 billion in exports and US$ 18.8 billion in imports. In year-to-date terms, Brazil has now reached a surplus of R$ 37.8 billion.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, one of the main drivers of the result was the 43.7% increase in soybean sales, the result of record sales in both volume (8.1 million tons) and revenue (US$ 3.2 million). Other export highlights include increased sales of oil (29.3%), airplanes (105%), iron one (23%) and the export of an oil platform to Panama worth US$ 1.3 billion.

Exports were up for all top importers of Brazilian products, such as China (19.9%), the United States (4.1%), the Mercosur (4.9%) and the European Union (20.3%).

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