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Temer: Brazil will continue to welcome and support Venezuelans

The president pointed out in an article in the press that Brazil's federal authorities have been intensifying measures to welcome Venezuelans in Roraima
published: Sep 04, 2018 06:46 PM last modified: Sep 04, 2018 06:46 PM
Paulo Antonio Cruz/Agência Brasil

In an article published on Monday by Agencia EFE, President Michel Temer noted that the country will continue to work to receive Venezuelans and ensure the safety of both migrants and Brazilians in the regions affected by the increased migratory flows, especially in Roraima.

In the publication, Temer stressed that "the closure of borders was never considered", and stressed that immigrants have been welcomed with dignity: "This is Brazil: a country of solidarity, traditionally welcoming to all peoples of the world, that has fulfilled its international commitments at all historical moments," he commented.


Temer assessed that the arrival of Venezuelans in the Brazil would "inevitably bring significant pressure to our public services and important challenges for an impoverished region such as Roraima."

However, he recalled, Brazil's federal authorities have acted to reduce those impacts. Among the measures, the president highlighted the increase in the number of officials working at the border, the provision of documentation to immigrants arriving in Brazil and the strengthened vaccination and medical care actions put in place for Brazilians and Venezuelans.

He also listed the construction of ten shelters in which citizens from Venezuela receive adequate food and support, and reported that two others are almost complete. "We have also intensified the resettlement to other areas of the Brazilian territory of the Venezuelans who so desire. The process is naturally complex, but we have conducted it in an orderly and safe manner, and will continue to do so," Temer added.

The president also stressed that the Brazilian efforts are being recognised by international organisations such as the United Nations Refugee Agency, later concluding that "we continue to promote diplomatic measures that encourage the Venezuelan government to return to democracy, stability and development".