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Temer: World must recover solidarity between individuals and nations

Canonisation of martyrs

President issued a statement after the canonisation by the Catholic Church of thirty martyrs from Rio Grande do Norte killed in an attack fuelled by religious intolerance
published: Oct 14, 2017 11:00 PM last modified: Oct 16, 2017 11:31 AM

In a presidential message addressing the canonisation this Sunday (15) of martyrs from Rio Grande do Norte, President Michel Temer advocated for solidarity among individuals and nations, and stated that mankind's capacity to cooperating is facing "harsh tests”.

“It is urgent to recover solidarity among individuals, among nations," said the president. "Our world brings, unfortunately, marks of extremism, of uncertainties. Our ability to cooperate, to act together, is being subjected to harsh tests. We are going through a crisis of solidarity," he argued.


Temer recalled that the Catholic Church has decided to make into saints the 30 martyrs who, in the seventeenth century, were killed in an attack driven by religious intolerance. The group had already been beatified by Pope John Paul II, and were now canonised by Pope Francis. "These brave, resilient devotees were raised to Holiness a few days after we celebrated the 300th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady Aparecida," he added.

Temer also mentioned a homily by Pope Francis, in which the Pontiff says that "hope is an impulse in the hearts of those who welcome the desire to meet, to know each other, to dialogue." "It is in this spirit that we have carried out transformations in our country," said the president.