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Reform Agenda

President Michel Temer: government measures have led to a solid, competitive economy

Speaking during the opening ceremony of a conference in São Paulo, the president credited the results achieved to dialogue with Congress and the search for government efficiency


Chinese companies invest in several areas in Brazil, creating jobs and income in the country

Minister Moreira Franco: partnership with China is "extremely important"

After receiving Chinese businessmen, the head of the General Secretariat of the Presidency said that it is time to increase trade relations between the two countries

Fiscal Adjustment

Ministers presented the new fiscal targets for 2017 and 2018

Brazilian government revises fiscal target for 2017 and 2018

Ministers of Finance and Planning also announced measures to make the public sector more efficient


Manufacturing added 2,700 jobs in São Paulo in July

São Paulo, Mato Grosso and Goiás lead job creation in the country

Data from the Ministry of Labour shows performance was driven mainly by trade, services, industry and agriculture

Citizenship and Justice


UN highlights actions by Brazil in the fight against the Zika virus

According a survey by the organisation, Brazil shows exemplary leadership by preparing social benefits package for families victims of the disease

Resuming Growth

Economic Recovery

Temer mentioned falling inflation, interest rates and the resumption of growing employment during opening ceremony

Michel Temer highlights economic growth at plant inauguration ceremony

Plant inaugurated this morning (11 August) is the first in Brazil to produce ethanol exclusively from corn

Positive Results

Minister Marcos Pereira attended a meeting of the Latin American Business Council

Minister Marcos Pereira: foreign trade is key to resume growth

For industry minister, Brazilian exports help boost economic recovery


According to Temer, FGTS profits will be shared with workers for the first time

President Michel Temer: FGTS is an achievement of Brazilian workers

Temer highlighted the importance of responsible government action during the event held to officially announce the distribution of R$ 7.28 billion in FGTS profits to workers’ accounts


Chemical Safety

Mercury is used in sectors like steel and cement production, as well as artisanal gold mining

Treaty controls the use of mercury at the international level

Minamata Convention comes into force on Wednesday (16) and determines the ban of mercury products by 2020

Environmental Preservation

Altogether, the programme covers 72 protected areas

Amazon protection programme adds three new areas

Protected areas in Rondônia and Roraima will reinforce environmental protection actions


Discovering Brazil

In addition to the city’s architecture, nature will take your breath away

The cold breeze between the mountains of Campos do Jordão

Up high in São Paulo is the coldest city of Brazil find excellent tours to enjoy your days



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