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Partnership Projects


Planning Minister Dyogo Oliveira and the Chinese ambassador to Brazil Li Jinzhang

Brazil-China Cooperation Fund starts operations

Bilateral partnership, focused on infrastructure, manufacturing, technology and agribusiness, has officially opened channels for submission of proposals

Science and Technology

Bilateral Relations

Minister Pereira has meetings in Tel-Aviv, capital of Israel

Brazil and Israel discuss technology cooperation

Goal is to expand partnerships with Israel, which boasts the second largest density of startups in the world

Health research

Celina Turchi stressed the need for continuous efforts on the part of the Brazilian scientific community

Brazil is at the forefront of zika research

Celina Turchi, one of the world's most influential specialists on the virus, says Brazil has pioneered literature on the subject

Renewable Energy

The three wind farms will generate 311.3 MW of power

BNDES approves R$ 1 billion credit to help build three wind farms

Financing will fund projects in Bahia and Ceará. Energy generated will be enough to supply 700,000 homes

Environmental Protection


Minister Sarney Filho highlighted the effects of control actions in combating deforestation

Deforestation will be reduced in Brazil, says minister Sarney Filho

On Saturday (24) morning, Environment Minister pointed out that government control actions will reduce deforestation in the country



The Fernando de Noronha archipelago comprises 21 islands and extends for 26 km2

Fernando de Noronha Archipelago listed as National Cultural Heritage

Iphan unanimously approved inscription of the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago Historical Ensemble

Brazilian Beef Exports


Minister Blairo Maggi said new inspection rules will be implemented by next week

Ministry of Agriculture adopts measures to resume beef sales to US

Ministry preventively suspended accredited plants pending new inspections on the products sold. Standard will increase rigour of inspections

Brazil in Norway

Amazon Fund

Norway praises Brazil's commitment, remains a "proud partner” of the country

Vidar Helgesen, Norway's Climate and Environment Minister , praised the efforts of his Brazilian counterpart, José Sarney Filho, to reduce deforestation rates in Brazil

Brazil in Norway

Temer recalled that Brazil and Norway will highlight environmental issues during the upcoming G20 meeting

Temer reaffirms Brazil's commitment to the environment in Oslo

In a meeting with the Norwegian prime minister, Temer highlighted actions by the Brazilian government that create and expand national parks, as well as the veto to measures that would reduce protected areas


President Michel Temer and ministers Aloysio Nunes and Marcos Pereira in a meeting with Norwegian investors

Ministers discuss measures to boost Investments in Brazil

In an meeting with investors, Brazilian Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes and the Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, Marcos Pereira, highlighted the strategic partnership with Norway in the energy sector


Brazil and Norway: strategic partners for the environment

In addition to funding the Amazon Fund, Norway maintains cooperation initiatives with Brazil in several sustainable development actions

Brazil in Russia


Michel Temer and Vladimir Putin signed joint statement on strategic dialogue

Michel Temer and Putin discuss Brazil's economic progress

President Temer also recalled the similarities between Brazil and Russia and assessed dialogue between the two countries as positive


Acting minister believes in new agreements after the official trip

Agriculture Minister: trip to Russia reinforces agricultural relations

Eumar Novacki points to agricultural trade gains after a policy of rapprochement promoted by the Brazilian government

Positive Results


Agriculture added 46,000 new jobs in May

Brazil adds 34,000 new formal jobs in May

This is the second consecutive month with positive job numbers. Since January, the economy has added 48.5 thousand jobs



The patterns of the gardens are full of beauties

Travel through your senses in this amazing park in São Paulo

Plants from different countries can be found in your exploration



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