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Government of Iran reopens its market for Brazilian animal products

After suspending the purchase of animal protein, Iranian health control authorities had asked the Brazilian government for more information


Brazil intensifies oversight and sanctions for meatpackers

For President Michel Temer, proposals lead to better monitoring while reducing red tape for producers

Operation Weak Flesh

Ministry of Agriculture intensified surveillance, but found no risks to consumer health

Hong Kong reopens market to Brazilian meat

It was the last major importer that still required further explanations regarding Brazilian products

Weak Flesh

Reports rule out health risks in meatpacking

To date, operation has found no issues or failures that put the health of consumers at risk

Economic Recovery


Temer highlighted the numbers of the latest Focus bulletin published by the Central Bank

President sees intensified “economic virtuous circle" in Brazil

Temer says crisis in Brazil has subsided in the wake of measures by the federal government to help resume growth

Foreign Sector

After economic reforms, foreign investment in the country has hit a record high for the first two months of the year

Foreign investment hits record high for first bimester

In the two first months of 2017, foreign investors put US$ 16.8 billion in the Brazilian productive sector

Citizenship and Justice

Gender equality

The names of Clara Camarão and Antonia Alves Feitosa have been inscribed in the Book of Heroes and Heroines of the Motherland

Temer sanctions law establishing National Week of No Violence against Women

Week will take place every year in November, with lectures and discussions on women's rights violations

Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020

Head of the Institutional Security Office, Gen. Westphalen, meets Japan's Deputy Parliamentary Minister of Defence, Mr. Takayuki Kobayashi

Brazil shares Rio 2016 experience with Japanese authorities

Organising Committee is seeking to learn lessons on Brazil's success in governance, intelligence, defence and public safety during the last edition of the Olympic Game

Science and Technology


Fuel was developed by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE)

Brazil develops clean fuel for rockets and satellites

Based on ethanol, Brazilian fuel has lower costs and provides less handling risks compared to imported equivalents

Foreign Trade


Government's plan is to enact across-the-board red tape cuts by the end of the year

Temer: reducing bureaucracy brings legal certainty and creates jobs

Federal government launched the Single Foreign Trade Portal this Thursday. Designed to streamline the country’s foreign trade system, the platform should reduce export times by 40%


Cultural Heritage

Some Brazilian characteristics are easily identified, like the ability to improvise, creativity and flexibility

Capoeira: art, history and style mixed together

Emerge into Brazilian culture and find out why capoeira is even more interesting



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Foreign Affairs


Social Programs

National Financial System

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